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9 years + $250,000 = One Great Event


The 9th Annual MTO Reconnection Golf Tournament was held on Monday, June 13, 2016, with proceeds benefiting the CSRO. We had 120 golfers enjoy a cool but dry day at Cardinal Golf Club’s East Wing course, followed by some time to re-hydrate and re-connect with friends and former co-workers. This annual event was created in honor of Carl Hennum, a former Assistant Deputy Minister, and 40 year employee with the MTO, who suffered a spinal cord injury shortly after his retirement from MTO. The tournament is a way for current and former employees of MTO to “reconnect” with others in the road building and construction industry. This year, the MTO Reconnection tournament raised just over $25,000 for the Carl Hennum Fellowship, which will benefit research to help find a cure for paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. To date, the event has raised just over $250,000 for the CSRO.

See below for a video celebrating the Carl Hennum Fellowship.

Carl Hennum Fellowship

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