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The Spinal Tap Charity Bonspiel brings wheelchair curling together with able bodied curling


Mission Statement

The Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO)/American Spinal Research Organization(ASRO) (charitable registration # 11915 9515 RR0001) are dedicated to the funding of targeted research to maximize functional recovery and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury

Our Vision

We envision a world without paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

The Foundation of the CSRO/ASRO

The CSRO  began when a few brave souls spoke out and asked, why can’t there be a cure? The charity was built on the premise of hope. An unyielding belief that one day, there would be a cure for paralysis.

In 1982, Ray Wickson was involved in an accident that changed his life, leaving him paralyzed. Although this was a difficult time in Ray’s life, who had just turned 30, he wasted little time feeling sorry for himself. While recovering at the Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre, Ray began to inquire about the possibility of finding a cure for paralysis – what had been done up to this point medically? Ray learned that since 1945 through the 1980’s, there had been little spinal injury research done. Previous to 1945, before the advent of penicillin, spinal cord injuries were often fatal, as victims would die of infection.

Ray was stunned when he discovered that most doctors believed paralysis was permanent. In 1987, Ray connected with the current chairman of CSRO, Barry Munro. Barry, who was a patient at Lyndhurst at the time, banded the other patients together and invited Ray back to Lyndhurst as a guest speaker. However, Lyndhurst refused to have Ray as a visitor, as he represented “hope’ and would “ultimately create false optimism for patients”. Barry, as equally determined as Ray, found alternative methods of getting him access to the building. That meeting would lay the foundation of the CSRO.

Initially, operating out of Ray’s house, the charity generated approximately $25,000 in the first few years. Ray, who was used to negativity from outsiders, began to realize that there were actually dedicated people working in the clinical and scientific field around the area of spinal research.

Currently, one of Ray’s jobs is to act as the President of Neurological Technologies for a company that acts as an advisor to the CSRO. His vision started over twenty years ago is being realized. Since then large advancements have been made in the field of spinal cord research. He is also quick to point out that SCI’s may only affect a small population; yet, research now also benefits other conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

CSRO Guiding Principles

The key elements of Our Vision


Build awareness of and support for priority bench to bedside research projects to find a cure

Strive to be current about leading cure research initiatives

Strategic Alliances

Actively seek collaborative partnerships that bring us closer to our vision


Capitalize on optimal fundraising initiatives that effectively utilize CSRO resources and reap the greatest return


Inspire the community to share our vision and support our belief that a cure will be found


Promote an active and engaged Board to spearhead and drive all CSRO activities

Capitalize on Board members' skill sets to ensure long term viability of the organization

Our Values

Our Knowledgeable Team

Our knowledgeable team educates others on the status of priority research projects, generating hope within the SCI community, and broadscale support for finding the cure.

Dedicated and Professional

The dedicated efforts and professional behavior of our staff and Board elicit trust and respect from all those with whom we deal.

Passionate about our Cause

The CSRO's passion for finding a cure inspires others, building support and expanding the network of committed people; knowing each step brings us closer to our goal.

Resourceful to Fund a Cure

Our Board uses hard work and resourcefulness to build national support for our cause.

The Team

Our Partners

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  • Howie Sacks
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