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Fundraising Initiatives

Here are some of the creative and fun ways you can help fundraise for the CSRO/ASRO

Choose an Event

Pick an event that already exists or brainstorm ideas for a new fun exciting event. When deciding on the type of event you want to organize, keep in mind the amount of time, money, and help you have.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
– Jersey Raffle
– Sporting Event (Hockey/baseball/Basketball/Soccer/golf tournament )
– Barbeque
– Bake Sale
– Concert
– Run/Walk
– Auction
– Theatrical event
– Dinner/Dance
– Garage Sale
– Fashion Show
– Pancake breakfast
– Sell Shoot For A Cure pins and bracelets


The success of your event depends on the organization and dedication of the event team. You should have a sufficient number of people to share the work and represent a variety of skills.

We suggest making committees, to ensure all areas are covered. Some examples of committees are:
– Budget Committee
– Donations Committee
– Participants Committee
– Prize Committee
– Volunteer Committee
– Promotions Committee
– Planning Committee

Goals and Budget

Now that you have your ideas and team in place, establish a realistic fundraising goal. To guide you attached is an example budget. Identify all sources of income and expenses, trying to keep costs low will generate more funds for the CSRO/ASRO.

Determine Your audience

Thinking about the people who will most likely attend your event will helping with the planning. It will also help in promoting your event and determining details such as prizes and décor.

Date, Time and Location

Determine a location for the event, work with the facility to find out what dates are available and communicate that information to your committees. Once you have determined your date and time for the event, start promoting it


The best tool around is “Word of Mouth”, talk about your event, let people know what is going on and what you are trying to raise funds for. Distribute flyers, emails, posters, and try to get the attention of the media


Have regular meetings to make sure all members of each committee are on track with the schedule of the event. Work together to make the event happen and be a success. Regular updates can only help!

Event Day

Run the event, have fun, raise money, and have more fun!

Submit the Funds

We ask that all funds be forwarded to the CSRO/ASRO within 30-60 days after your scheduled event. As soon as we receive the funds we are then able to process official tax receipts and thank you letters to those that participated in your event.

Say Thank You

Tell everyone how much you appreciated their help and attendance in your event to raise money for the CSRO. Let them know how much money was raised and that their contribution made a real difference!

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Want To Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Create a customized, secure web page for yourself, a group, or an event, and collect online donations for the CSRO/ASRO. You can upload your own photos, videos and messages, set a goal amount and get a virtual thermometer to track fundraising!

Donate For Tomorrow

The Canadian Spinal Research Organization/ American Spinal Research Organization (CSRO/ASRO) is dedicated to the improvement of the physical quality of life for persons with a spinal cord injury and those with related neurological deficits, through targeted medical and scientific research. The CSRO/ASRO is also committed to the reduction of spinal cord injuries through targeted awareness and prevention campaigns. Every dollar you donate to the CSRO/ASRO moves us one step closer to a cure! We provide several methods of making a donation to support our organization.

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