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SCI Research Today – a new resource for the SCI community!


Unfortunately, doing an online search about the current topics of research in SCI leaves more questions than answers. The breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research don’t get the media attention they deserve! We saw there was a need to bridge this gap between the published scientific articles and information that is available in everyday terminology. The Canadian Spinal Research Organization is working to produce a series of short (3 to 5 minutes) educational videos summarizing the current research for a cure for spinal cord injury.

The goal of these videos is to attract the entire SCI community. From someone who has been newly injured to those who have had their injury for 30-plus years, along with their support systems. We want to help people understand spinal cord injury research and to arm them with information. This will provide those with spinal cord injuries with knowledge to become advocates for themselves, and possibly for a cure. The first video is set to be released in spring 2017. They will be available through a free smartphone app or online portal.

The videos will begin breaking down the biology of the spinal cord and what happens following an injury. The research sections will be broken into five divisions of research including using cell replacement strategies, stem cells, using technology to ‘wake up’ the spinal cord, drugs that can protect the spinal cord from further injury and drugs that can dissolve the barrier of regeneration – the glial scar. A section highlighting all the obstacles that come along with research on a small population like spinal cord injury, including a lack of funding and the timely process of clinical trials. The videos will end with a call to advocacy outlining how you can become an advocate with an interactive guide.

Stay tuned on our website for more information about SCI Today and the release date!


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