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Why You Should Choose The CSRO



Passionate About Finding A Cure

Everyday the CSRO/ASRO strive to bring a cure to spinal injuries and disesases, our team is devoted by the drive and need to come one step closer for a cure


Passion Drives our Organization

The CSRO/ASRO is currently entering its 33rd year as a charitable organization. The CSRO/ASRO began when a few brave souls spoke out and asked, why can’t there be a cure? The charity was built over 30 years ago on the premise of hope. An unyielding belief that one day, there would be a cure for paralysis.



Devoted To Finding Answers

The CSRO/ASRO has raised nearly 20 million dollars for spinal cure research since 1984 in research labs across North America. Those funds raised will empower our organization to strive one step closer to a cure.


Creative Fun !

Events To Get Excited About !

Every dollar counts, no matter the size of the event, your contribution makes a difference. Working together is what brings us closer to finding a cure. We host a variety of events from auctions to sporting events and everything in between.

A Position With A Life Time Of Experience

We at the CSRO/ASRO provide a wealth of experience to ensure that every member of our team recieves the opportunity to take part in a diverse organization with a incredible cause. If you want to be apart of our organization, join us! 

Our Experience at The CSRO/ASRO

The CSRO/ASRO takes pride in being a informative and research driven organizations, with one goal in mind; to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury or other neurological deficits. We want you to be a part of it.

  • Hard Work
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Research

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