CSRO In Memoriam: Remembering Clifford Voll


Clifford Voll was a man who valued independence, community, and progress.  After a motor vehicle crash resulted in a spinal cord injury at his C7 vertebrae, Clifford was classified as a quadriplegic but he had almost full use of his arms and hands.  This ability allowed him to use a manual wheelchair, and live independently – something Clifford valued immensely.

“There’s a point when you have this when you decide whether you live or die,” Clifford said.  And his determination and persistence allowed him to not only get through a long recovery following his injury, but thrive and make lifelong friendships in the community as he took part in races and other community initiatives.  “I always came in last, but it was a lot of fun” he would say of his racing days.  “The beauty of it was meeting all the other wheelchair guys”.

A big part of Clifford’s belief in research for spinal cord injury curative therapies was that he personally lived through the advances that happened over the last 30 years, and he saw first-hand the differences in recovery for people who were injured decades ago as he was, and how acute treatment has progressed since then.  His sister Joanne Templin says of Clifford “He believed strongly that research was going to be what made the difference for people with spinal cord injuries – and he wanted to make a difference in his lifetime.  And so he donated to the Canadian Spinal Research Organization because he knew he could trust his vision to the group who has been fighting for advancements in cure research for spinal cord injury for over 30 years.”

We thank Clifford for his trust, his donation, and his commitment to a cure for spinal cord injuries – as we thank his entire family for their confidence as well.

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