Paving the Way for a Cure

The number one cause of spinal cord injuries are motor vehicle crashes at 43%.

In the course of our work as a fundraising organization, we have created the Paving the Way for a Cure campaign to bring together the main stakeholders and raise awareness and funding within the 4 pillars of the campaign to power our transcutaneous neuromodulation study here in Canada.

Paving the Way for a a Cure is a campaign that encompasses fundraising events, such as golf and hockey tournaments – as well as a Road Safety PSA series produced in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, and many strategic alliances with the four pillars of the campaign and their stakeholders.

We believe this campaign is going to make the difference for SCI cure research by allowing us to fund a clinical trial of transcutaneous neuromodulation here in Canada. 

The four pillars of this campaign are:

Road Builders
Insurance Providers
Personal Injury Lawyers
Auto Parts Manufacturers
Percentage of Spinal Cord Injuries caused by Motor Vehicle Crashes

Road Safety PSA Series

In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, we produced a series of PSA’s to underline the need for road safety.  With the majority of spinal cord injuries being caused by motor vehicle crashes, if we reduce the number of crashes, we reduce the number of injuries.  We are grateful to our partners on this project, including the MTO, ConquerParalysis, and the Schmidt Peterson Indycar racing team.

Distracted Driving

Road Worker Safety


Campaign Partners:

How Can Your Organization Get Involved?

Sponsor an Event

Our team undertakes a number of key events every year - from golf tournaments including the MTO Reconnection Golf Tournament, to hockey tournaments and many more. Our sponsorship packages offer something for every organization, and our skilled events team is always willing to help.

Partner with Us

There is always something happening at the CSRO. From new campaign launches, to press outreach, and opportunities to partner on educational and awareness content that we create, we are always looking for industry stakeholders to work with, and add to our growing list of corporate partners.

Make a Donation

Sometimes the most direct path to social responsibility is a donation on behalf of your team to fund spinal cord injury research, and the CSRO/ASRO are best positioned to direct your funds into the research studies making the most impact on people living with SCI.