Honda Indy Toronto – Paving the Way for a Cure campaign launch


The Honda Indy Toronto was a weekend to remember for the CSRO, with the launch of our Paving the Way for a Cure campaign.

We enjoyed the action on the track, while cheering on our friends at Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports as their team competed for the win.

We chose this weekend to launch the campaign and showcase our 4-part PSA series on road safety.  These PSA’s were produced in concert with our road safety partners, to highlight the importance of various aspects of safer driving.  From distracted driving, to street racing, to slowing down in road construction areas to keep workers safe, there are many ways we can all stay safer on our roads.  And with motor vehicle crashes being the number one cause of spinal cord injuries – less collisions on the roads means less spinal cord injuries.

To view the PSA’s click below.  And stay tuned for more updates on our Paving the Way for a Cure campaign this fall as we gear up for another great event in September, our MTO Reconnection Golf Tournament recognizing spinal cord injury survivor Carl Hennum.


Remember: our roads belong to everyone – stay safe, stay focused – and get where you’re going safely.

Distracted Driving PSA


Anti-Street Racing PSA


Road Worker Safety PSA


Distracted Driving PSA 2