SAM Car Experience at Honda Toronto Indy

Car Experience at Honda Toronto Indy

This year, at the Toronto Honda Indy the CSRO Ambassador Team was invited to take part in the SAM Car experience – which stands for Semi-Autonomous Motorcar. The vehicle was created by Arrow, and allows drivers with paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries to operate the car without the use of their hands.

To make this happen Arrow and their partners used a combination of new and cutting-edge technology, with pre-existing tech to create a vehicle that can be driven strictly with head movements. 

This technology is another piece in a longstanding relationship between innovations and SCI.  From the repurposing of existing technologies into new and previously untried applications for people living with paralysis, to the development of brand new tech that is making life better for us one small step at a time – it is an exciting period in SCI research history.  

Watch here to see the SAM Car and the CSRO Ambassador team in action at the Toronto Honda Indy:

Our Paving the Way for a Cure campaign was busy this summer, spreading the message of road safety and SCI awareness – all the while raising over $325,000 for our first Canadian neuromodulation trial – starting this fall.  We are excited to share even more great news as we move into a new season, and look forward to Team Cure representing at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 20th.

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