Bay Area Health Trust launches Safety Chair, a new evacuation device with the goal of getting EVERYONE OUT! in collaboration with the Canadian Spinal Cord Research Organization

Safety Chair Evacuation Device
March 11th, 2021
HAMILTON, ON– (BUSINESS WIRE)—Bay Area Health Trust (, and Live Easy Inc. ( today announced their exclusive Canadian distribution rights for the Safety Chair emergency evacuation device and the launch of Project EVERYONE OUT! in support of the Canadian Spinal Cord Research Organization’s (CSRO) fundraising, advocacy and educational goals.
“Our expanding portfolio of products including Safety Chair are in line with our vision of a safer and more accessible world. Bringing solutions directly to users is made easier through relationships like the one we share with CSRO,” said Peter Kalra, President and CEO of Bay Area Health Trust.
A corporate tenant or landlord of a building must ensure the building is completely accessible and in the event of an emergency, all persons should be moved to safety without obstacle. Best practices, dogma and even legislation in some provinces are in place to address these emergencies, however, in many cases there is not a building plan, let alone the equipment to execute on it.
To help right this wrong, LiveEasy (LEI) and Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT) are introducing Project EVERYONE OUT! which underscores that if people can access a building, then they need to be able to exit that building quickly and safely especially in an emergency.
Project EVERYONE OUT! and its advocates will spread the message of the importance of an accessible evacuation plan, with the right equipment on-site to execute it.

Live Easy Inc. and Bay Area Health Trust have joined forces with the Canadian Spinal Cord Research Organization (CSRO) to bolster this thinking through their membership, advocacy and fund-raising efforts. Since 1984, the CSRO has been at the forefront of being the strong voice of Canadians affected by spinal cord injury and have been a trusted ally and partner in developing programs to ease the barriers faced by their members. Live Easy Inc. and Bay Area Health Trust will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the CSRO as part of their continuing efforts to find a cure for spinal paralysis.
“As a national organization representing those living with a spinal cord injury in Canada, we are well aware of the need to provide a safe exit for wheelchair users from all buildings. The CSRO is excited to be a partner with LiveEasy and the Bay Area Health Trust to provide a solution that will assist wheelchair users when exiting a building under duress both quickly and safely” said Barry Munro, CDO of CSRO.
“Thirty years of experience in the accessible design world and having been involved with the planning and execution of lift devices that remove barriers, I am keenly aware of the gaps in thinking, design and budgets when it comes to emergency planning. We believe that by joining forces with the CSRO and their active network, we will bring more awareness to this important element of accessible design especially as Canada takes large strides towards as more accessibility and inclusive physical environment”, said Jim Closs. President Live Easy Inc.
Safety Chair is exclusively licenced in Canada to Bay Area Health Trust and is part of a portfolio of products designed for the aging-in-place market. To find out more information about Safety Chair, AssiStep and Gripo, visit and to learn more about Project EVERYONE OUT! please visit
About Bay Area Health Trust
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About Live Easy INC
Jim Closs has thirty years’ experience in Home HealthCare products, institutional sales, and Aging in Place design. He has held senior positions at some of the country’s largest HME outlets and has been involved in numerous large projects while always dealing with the individual homeowner client. He has built marketing plans and has been responsible for numerous strategies on digital platforms. Jim is dedicated in bringing his expertise to the Aging in Place and accessibility communities.
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Jim Closs, President
About CSRO
The CSRO is dedicated to the funding of targeted research to maximize functional recovery and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.  We envision a world without paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.
Through our many fundraising initiatives, and strategic partnerships the CSRO/ASRO has raised nearly 30 million dollars for spinal cure research since 1984.  Our corporate and community partners help us to fulfill our mandate of improving of the physical quality of life for persons with a spinal cord injury and those with related neurological deficits, through targeted medical and scientific research and the reduction of spinal cord injuries through our prevention and awareness programs.
Barry Munro