CSRO In Memoriam: Remembering Clifford Voll

Clifford Voll was a man who valued independence, community, and progress.  After a motor vehicle crash resulted in a spinal cord injury at his C7 vertebrae, Clifford was classified as a quadriplegic but he had almost full use of his arms and hands.  This ability allowed him to use a manual wheelchair, and live independently – something Clifford valued immensely.

“There’s a point when you have this when you decide whether you live or die,” Clifford said.  And his determination and persistence allowed him to not only get through a long recovery following his injury, but thrive and make lifelong friendships in the community as he took part in races and other community initiatives.  “I always came in last, but it was a lot of fun” he would say of his racing days.  “The beauty of it was meeting all the other wheelchair guys”.

A big part of Clifford’s belief in research for spinal cord injury curative therapies was that he personally lived through the advances that happened over the last 30 years, and he saw first-hand the differences in recovery for people who were injured decades ago as he was, and how acute treatment has progressed since then.  His sister Joanne Templin says of Clifford “He believed strongly that research was going to be what made the difference for people with spinal cord injuries – and he wanted to make a difference in his lifetime.  And so he donated to the Canadian Spinal Research Organization because he knew he could trust his vision to the group who has been fighting for advancements in cure research for spinal cord injury for over 30 years.”

We thank Clifford for his trust, his donation, and his commitment to a cure for spinal cord injuries – as we thank his entire family for their confidence as well.

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CSRO + AIA Partner to address road safety through the CCIAP.

Canadian/American Spinal Research Organization announces partnership with AIA Canada to address road safety through the Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program

(Toronto, ON – November 20, 2018) – The Canadian/American Spinal Research Organization (CSRO) and the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada are pleased to announce a partnership to address road safety through AIA Canada’s Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP). The focus of the partnership will be to promote the message of proper car repair and to improve the safety of Canadian drivers through CCIAP.

Recognizing that motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, the CSRO, as part of their “Paving the Way to a Cure” campaign, is partnering with automotive industry stakeholders, such as AIA Canada. The campaign acknowledges the high proportion (43%) of spinal cord injuries that are caused by motor vehicle collisions, naturally making the partnership with AIA Canada a good fit.

AIA Canada’s Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program accredits collision repair facilities to meet a collection of industry standards, which are contributed by participating original equipment manufacturers and other stakeholders. As automobiles become more sophisticated, the techniques required to repair them become more complex.  CCIAP accreditation requires an auto body facility to successfully demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards covering core business operations, equipment and training.

“The quality of repairs and the safety of Canadians are paramount to AIA Canada and its members,” explains Jean-François Champagne, President of AIA Canada.  “The automotive aftermarket plays a critical role in repairing and maintaining the 26 million vehicles on Canadian roads. Safe cars save lives and prevent tragedies such as spinal cord injury.”

“Working together to make our roads safer will have a direct effect on prevention of spinal cord injuries, which in addition to our fundraising and awareness initiatives is something we believe very strongly at the CSRO,” states Barry Munro, Chief Development Officer of the CSRO .  “We’re looking forward to spreading the message of accredited vehicle repairs, which in turn will keep our roads safer for everyone.”


About CSRO

The Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO)/American Spinal Research Organization (ASRO) are dedicated to the funding of targeted research to maximize functional recovery and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. Our passion for finding a cure inspires others, builds support and expands the network of committed people; knowing each step brings us closer to our goal. www.csro.com

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About AIA Canada

The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada is the national trade association that brings together the entire automotive aftermarket supply and service chain. AIA’s mandate is to promote, educate and represent members in areas that impact the growth and prosperity of the industry. To learn more, please visit www.aiacanada.com and follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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The essential function of the Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP) is to accredit collision repair facilities against a collection of standards which are contributed by participating OEs and/or other stakeholders. CCIAP is run by and for the Canadian collision repair industry. The program is managed by AIA Canada, a national not-for-profit association which reaches the entire industry. Visit www.cciap.ca for more information.

CCIAP Inquiries
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Fraser Burton Corporate Champion Award: Permobil

On Wednesday, August 29th, 2018, the CSRO presented the Fraser Burton Corporate Champion Award to Allan Boyd and his team at Permobil in recognition of their exceptional commitment, dedication and outstanding support in helping us find a cure for spinal cord research. The award is given to a corporate partner that went above and beyond their corporate social responsibility.

The Fraser Burton award was created to honour two of our most treasured supporters and their families: Sandra Burton and Richard Fraser. Sandra and Richard’s involvement with the CSRO began following a spinal cord injury suffered by Sandra. After Sandra’s injury, the community rallied around Sandra and her family and started the annual golf tournament where the proceeds were donated to the Canadian Spinal Research Organization. Over the 12 years the tournament ran, it raised $175,000 for the CSRO.

Unfortunately, Richard too suffered a spinal cord injury later in his life. Following his injury, Richard and his wife showed even more dedication and commitment to helping the CSRO and their goal of finding a cure for paralysis. In 2004, Richard and his family hosted the Stittsville Victorian Luncheon, which grew from the first year having 32 guests in attendance to serving over 340 people. The Stittsville Victorian Luncheon raised $225,000 for the CSRO. Sadly, on April 18th 2017, Richard passed away peacefully, however, the legacy of the Fraser-Burton family has lived on.

We are eternally grateful to Sandra, Richard and their families for their commitment, dedication and support of the CSRO, and this award symbolizes our gratitude to Sandra and Richard while recognizing a current Corporate Champion.

The funds and support that Permobil has donated to the CSRO will go towards a number of our initiatives. Primarily, the funds will help us in achieving our goal to fund an Epidural Stimulation Study in Canada. The result of this study could be a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. As wheelchair manufacturers, Permobil is aware of the issues that face the spinal cord injury community. It is very uplifting that a leader in the mobility device industry is willing to show their support and give back to affected communities.

Thank you Permobil for your help in our efforts to find a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury!


About Permobil:

Permobil develops, manufactures and markets wheelchairs, seating and positioning and communication systems for people with disabilities. Their products lead in quality, performance, safety and function – all to provide their community of users with the best possible compensation for their disabilities.

Thank You Uni-Select for your continued support!

The Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO) wants to thank Uni-Select for their continued generosity. On July 17th, Uni-Select held their 16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament and raised $15,000 to support CSRO’s ‘Paving the Way for a Cure’ campaign. Uni-Select has now donated $280,000 to spinal cord injury research and we could not be more thankful for their efforts to help us with our cause.
There is much more to be appreciative about CSRO’s relationship with Uni-Select, beyond their donation. Every year staff members on the organizing committee of the tournament exceed expectations and we would like to give a special thank you to Lorie Caines, Kam Sukhram, Bill Hayes and the rest of the organizers and volunteers who do such a great job at putting on the event.
The CSRO created the ‘Paving the Way for a Cure’ campaign to acknowledge the high incidence of spinal cord injuries that caused by motor vehicle collisions (43%). The CSRO is uniting the aid and the interests of the Road Building, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Personal Injury Law, and Auto Insurance industries to raise $1,000,000 to fund a Canadian Epidural Stimulation study. The potential outcome of an Epidural Stimulation study could be a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. There is a tremendous toll that people living with spinal cord injury endure. It is time to find a cure; however, the CSRO cannot do it alone, it is through the support of our partner organizations such as Uni-Select that we will be able to continue to fund research to find a cure for paralysis.

About Uni-Select:
Uni-Select is a leader in the distribution of automotive refinish and industrial paint and related products in North America, as well as a leader in the automotive aftermarket parts business in Canada. In Canada, Uni-Select supports over 16,000 automotive repair and collision repair shops through a growing national network of more than 1,100 independent customers and corporate stores, many of which operate under the Uni-Select BUMPER TO BUMPER®, AUTO PARTS PLUS® AND FINISHMASTER® store banner programs. It also supports over 3,900 shops and stores through its automotive repair/installer shop banners, as well as through its automotive refinish banners.

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